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Halloween gives me the chills

Why didn’t we post last week because halloween was soon and by soon I mean today. So, Burkland celebrates Halloween by ummm…. trick or treating. That’s it, really. Burklandis are more ready for Christmas than anything else really. WELCOME OUR NEW CITIZEN For privacy reasons he is Mr. Smith, now give a big round of … Continue reading

How to make a Goldfish sandwich

Couchland is a micronation run by my friend, we trade and made a “Goldfish Sandwich” which is two chocolate goldfishes sandwiching a rainbow goldfish.

New coat of arms and “Permenant Burkland”

The old coat of arms has been thrown out because of minor issues with the star in the old one. The new one is based on Arab coat of arms, which was chosen to honour the people of Palestine’s brave fight for independence. In other news, the IMTO is having a vote to make Burkland, … Continue reading

Another violation

Sorry but we can’t do a Post A Day, so as of tommorow we will have a post every week on Saturdays.

Burkland apologies/New national animal

“The Online Burklandi” would like to apologize for missing one day on posting an article even though we signed up for the “Post A Day” program. Also, the dog is our new national animal.

Burkland to join a post a day

The Burklandi government has been worried about the rising levels of inactivity in the posting of The Online Burklandi, so they are attempting to join the official WordPress Post a Day. This is great said Burklandi President as “it can give a reliable source for events in Burkland.” However, the opposition only voted for the … Continue reading

Burklandi State Credit is now in effect

Burklandi Congress approved the State Credit and it has been in effect starting today. Though only 2 1$ยข bills have been made more are to be planned and made. According to President Matthew it should advance Burkland’s culture however it is to early to discover what impact it will have.

Burkland to get state credit?

The Marxist regime will hold a congressional meeting in order to decide if a state credit will be in Burkland. However, money has often led to capitalism which is a threat to freedom and democracy, according to Burklandi President Matthew. So, a socialist version of the currency system will also be discussed.

North Crawford parade in Burkland

Burkland will parade in support of the new nation and how Westsylvania and North Crawford made up peacefully.