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New coat of arms and “Permenant Burkland”

The old coat of arms has been thrown out because of minor issues with the star in the old one. The new one is based on Arab coat of arms, which was chosen to honour the people of Palestine’s brave fight for independence. In other news, the IMTO is having a vote to make Burkland, and the other former members of the former Triple Alliance, to be permanent members of the IMTO. The Dale President Danny Clarke, current de facto head of the IMTO and the proposer of the bill said “i (sic) think that this bill will bring IMTO to a new point in its hopefully long standing future where passing new resolutions can be quicker and completed in a better way than the current method done by IMTO, this bill if passed should make IMTO a more notable organisation amoung those of the OAM, GUM and TAS-PAC.”


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2 thoughts on “New coat of arms and “Permenant Burkland”

  1. you created a news story that fast :O

    Posted by Westsylvania | October 15, 2011, 11:29 pm

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