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Stalin, Zealandia and Tierney

The view of the President This has been a shocking moment, we had no idea about the results. Again, I do personally condemn this action yet I will refuse to condemn him on Burklandi records unless the people demand it. Danesland hasn’t because he is a GUM member, an organization founded and currently ruled by … Continue reading


We will join the Zealandian Commonwealth, making the Zealandian and Faryaese king Anthony Folwer the honorary king of Burkland, yet the question was addressed, what about the royal anthem. After a discussion with the soon-to-be-king, Kungssången, the Swedish royal anthem, was chosen.

History and Culture

NORTH PAULET, BURKLAND – The culture of the Burklandi people is under-devolved by a long shot however some culture has been devolved. Yet one of cultural elements of Burkland is its former coat of arms, the one that was based on Erusia. Well, it isn’t a cultural element yet however it will be under discussion. … Continue reading

Burkland State Search

A MicroGoogle by Burkland is in the works, but Flatland already did it. Sorry for it being short, I am on a schedule.