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Sakasaria cuts relations with Renasia

The Sakasarian Central News Agency announced that the Sakasarian government as cut relations with Renasia because of rumors that Renasia will disrecognize them. Burkland had a couple of questions, and the Sakasarian leader Mr. Gordon agreed to have an interview with us. Here is the interview: [2:49:40 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: So, M. Gordon I … Continue reading

Skendal v. Kozuc

Half of the military of Kozuc as seceded from Kozuc. Their secession video was considered funny by President Matthew Burklandssen. One of our allies are now acting imperialistic for embargoing Sakasaria just for not recognizing Skendal and recognizing Kozuc’s claim. Burkland will not recognize Skendal until they can claim less territory over Kozuc.

Log of the Kingdom of Zealandia Government Press Conference

The Zealandian government has allowed us to publish a complete log of the Press Conference, here is it: [4:13:48 PM] * Anthony Markssen, Order of Puglisi invited president.matthew [4:13:52 PM] * Anthony Markssen, Order of Puglisi invited nemkhavcomms [4:13:55 PM] * Anthony Markssen, Order of Puglisi invited prsrgov [4:14:09 PM] * Anthony Markssen, Order of … Continue reading

Liberto-Burklandi demonstration

NOTE I am sorry for taking some time off, it has been very busy here in macronational life. Libertas leader Harry Fitzpatrick, a friend of Burklandi president Matthew, lead a pro-Burklandi demonstration which also promoted Libertas and flags were passed to people present. Information about the nation was also passed. This demonstration was during Mr. … Continue reading