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Sakasaria cuts relations with Renasia

John Gordon, leader of Sakasaria

John Gordon, leader of Sakasaria

The Sakasarian Central News Agency announced that the Sakasarian government as cut relations with Renasia because of rumors that Renasia will disrecognize them. Burkland had a couple of questions, and the Sakasarian leader Mr. Gordon agreed to have an interview with us. Here is the interview:
[2:49:40 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: So, M. Gordon I have been informed that you are disrecognizing Renasia. May I conduct an interview for The Online Burklandi?
[2:50:11 PM] Johnski: Yes, You may
[2:50:38 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: So first thing, how do you predict Renasia and the intermicronational community will react?
[2:51:39 PM] Johnski: I am confident that the micronational community will react surprised and nothing will change within sakasaria.
[2:52:53 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: I don’t think it will be normal, it would spilit relations with Sakasaria and Renasia, possibly causing a spilt in the GUM and the country has become more, as you say, “reclusive.”
[2:53:37 PM] Johnski: Indeed the country has become more reclusive, Mainly because of all the crisis happening within sakasaria and outside it with the mess with westsylvania.
[2:55:07 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: Still, this will effect your foriegn relations and even with the Westylvania issue you didn’t act that reclusive as you do now.
[2:56:03 PM] Johnski: Indeed, This is because that was a minor issue, I have always cherished relations with Renasia and this has acted as a major blow to my standing in the community and with freindship that our two nations once shared.
[2:58:10 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: As the SCNA said, “According to rumors outside the government, the Rensian Imperialists are thinking of De-recognising Sakasaria due to our supposed North Korea Likeness and support.” However, don’t you admit to be based on North Korean politics and the Juche ideology?
[2:59:54 PM] Johnski: Indeed i do, its no secret that i am based on the Juche Ideology, Sakasaria has there own version, we call it ”Orange Juche”
[3:00:27 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: So, why do you say your North Korea likeness is supposed?
[3:00:52 PM] Johnski: The State run newspaper said that, not me. so No Comment
[3:01:09 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: However, don’t you run the state-run newspaper?
[3:01:49 PM] Johnski: I do but there are people that write the article.
[3:04:15 PM] General Matthew Burklandssen: So, I think that I am done with the interview M. Gordon. It was good to hear from you, and I also plan to interview M. Tierney about this matter.
[3:05:13 PM] Johnski: Excelent, it was nice talking to the press about this and i await M. Teirneys comments

The interview answered many questions that the President had. The Grand Unified Micronational chatroom on Skype was filled people asking the same question “Why did Sakasaria disrecognize Renasia?” The President promised this interview would answer the question.

We wish would have an interview with M. Tierney however he was not online. At the available time an interview with M. Tierney will be published. The president said out of the interview that “this reminds me of the incident which Burkland and Danesland were disrecognized by Renasia.

In other piece of related news, Sakasaria and Burkland founded “the Marx Pact,” a micronational version of the Warsaw Pact. Its anthem is No Motherland Without You, its SG is John Gordon and the VSG is our own Matthew Burklandssen. Currently it has no logo and Matthew has been tasked with the creation of its logo. It is expected to be created after Christmas.

UPDATE: As of now, we have not got an interview from M. Tierney however we do got something he said in response:

[9:22:57 AM] Jacob Tierney, OBS: We had no plans to derocognise them. We will, however, be making no attempts to rekindle relations with a nation whose obvious combination of instability, immaturity and attention-seeking lead to such completely ridiculous and tension creating action. I will be calling for their suspension from the GUM for attempts to cause a rift in the GUM and trying to cause a conflict between us, without probable cause, and for the complete disrespect of calling us imperialists.


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4 thoughts on “Sakasaria cuts relations with Renasia

  1. All of this is confusing…

    Posted by Westsylvania | December 24, 2011, 12:32 am
  2. I think that we should just not involve ourselves with either the Renasia/Sakasaria or the Kozuc/Skendal situation. It would help just to let the two idiotic happenings die on their own.

    Posted by Freisland | December 24, 2011, 12:43 am

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