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Burklandi News 1/24/2012

President admits electoral failures It is no secret that both the Burklandi presidential election in 2011 had its results ignored. This was because of the immaturity of the voters (who weren’t even Burklandi), most of which voted The Right Honourable Mom of the Social Democratic Party (which today has been given another electoral name, the … Continue reading


Link to image, DEATH TO SOPA! Languages: Standard English Slin-Englysh (also known as Slynglysh) Burklandi Appeal to viewers… that aren’t robots: STOP READING THIS AND PROTEST SOPA NOW! Do not visit Burklandi websites until 12 AM UTC-12 on Jan. 19! (Slyn-Englysh or Slynglysh translation, appeal to viewers… that aren’t robots: STOP READYNG THYS AND PROTEST … Continue reading

Burklandi News 1/16/2012

First I would like to start, I am no stranger to micronational ideological imperialism. Regretfully, I did it during the reign of the Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic. Because of it, Natlandism ended. I might still support it today. However, we can talk about it at another time. I and my nation have also … Continue reading

President Burklandssen changes the status of territory

Since Sir Burklandssen has been criticized for not having control over the main claim of Burkland, the Antarctic Island of Paulet. The claim is reduced to an Antarctic claim not the mainland. Our president defended keeping the Antarctic claim by saying “macronational claims over Antarctica are not really inforced, have you seen any real control … Continue reading

Burklandi News 1/9/2011

Burklandi State Survey Surveys have been becoming quite popular, and Burkland has . Some of the responses have shown how cold people can be with some people saying, in response to “What information do you think we are trying to get from this?,” “Probably less information than I’ve got from it regarding your mental state…” … Continue reading

Burklandi News 1/2/2012

Pretty much all Burklandi projects have been put on hold for the holidays. We are proud to announce that the holiday period for Burkland is over and this year Burkland will reach heights nobody thought would be possible for us this year! In other news, Legatia, a nation which is ruled in Matthew’s flat and … Continue reading