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Burklandi News 1/2/2012

Pretty much all Burklandi projects have been put on hold for the holidays. We are proud to announce that the holiday period for Burkland is over and this year Burkland will reach heights nobody thought would be possible for us this year!

In other news, Legatia, a nation which is ruled in Matthew’s flat and claims Matthew’s flat, will start the creation of a Burklandi-Legatian embassy. This will be part of Matthew’s bedroom which he shares with his brother. Matthew admits that this is a plan for Burkland to claim territory he lives in light of criticism of him claiming land he doesn’t even have access to.

In another piece of news, Burkland’s status as a micronation is being put in doubt as the smallest macronation (Sovereign Military Order of Malta, not to be confused with the Republic of Malta) has 3 citizens. We were informed about by reading the Wikipedia page about it and then later the “About” page on Libertas’s page. The nation is a partly recognized micronation ().

This would suggest that, having exceeded the population of SMOM, is a small unrecognized macronation, or unrecognized microstate. Although the defination of small with regards to micronation and unrecognized nation is still debatable.

Again more news (last one though), Technocratic Renasia and Burkland will open relations. This was thought of as unlikely as Burklandi President Matthew Burklandssen rumored that Technocratic Renasia would disrecognize Sakasaria. He didn’t know that Renasia had no plans to and relied and little evidence he had. As a result, Sakasaria and Renasia broke relations.

Matthew decided to tell this confession to Renasian leader Jacob Tierney, he didn’t respond. Yesterday he said he had forgiven Sakasaria and Burkland. He also said that he would try to reopen relations with Sakasaria and start relations with Burkland. Matthew said that this is an example of “A trial, a shame of ours. A disgrace, however, one that we came triumph in and one which we learned our lesson.”

This is the second diplomatic incident in which Renasia and Burkland were in opposing teams, although Yablokogate technically counts which would make it the third one.


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