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Burklandi News 1/9/2011

Burklandi State Survey
Surveys have been becoming quite popular, and Burkland has . Some of the responses have shown how cold people can be with some people saying, in response to “What information do you think we are trying to get from this?,” “Probably less information than I’ve got from it regarding your mental state…” Although some answers are actually very civil.

Who there, Überstadt
“Despite its short existence, the IMTO has picked up a reputation for thinking itself the greatest organization in the sector.” was the first of “A.O.”‘s criticisms of the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization. He backs this up by quoting our President’s retracted statement. This was “We will [either] beat the OAM or we will dissolve.” It was both retracted and heavily criticized by other IMTO members. In more recent times we have attempted to negotiate cooperation between the GUM and IMTO. The motion to get this done would have been proposed yet the proposal was too vague. How do we claim to be the greatest organization in the sector?

“[T]his reflects the real original intent of what has become known as the choice organization of younger nations. Mr. Burklandssen very nicely illustrated the fact that the IMTO was formed solely as an attempt to rival other, more significant organizations.” We just proved that the statement doesn’t represent the IMTO, yet lets take this further. Burkland and the Dale Republic, are they so insignificant to get 21st (Burkland) and 22nd (Dale Republic) on the influence survey. Saying that younger nations voted meaning the results were corrupted would just prove that they are gaining influence. There are becoming more and more IMTO-aligned “young nations” then not. Well at least among active people, that means the IMTO are gaining influence among the majority.

They might not be the poster boys of MicroWiki but the “young” nations are rising. We don’t really want influence but we will fight back if threaten by imperialistic powers.

Sign put up from the soon to be embassy
The soon to be Legatian-Burklandi embassy, which will be Burklandi territory already has a sign alerting people that they are leaving Legatia. Current it goes from Matthew’s brother’s bed to the window seal although the grassy area that, if Legatia was first-floor, close to us. Of course, putting the sign there might be a problem.

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3 thoughts on “Burklandi News 1/9/2011

  1. The fact that I think this article is poorly-written aside, I would like to comment on your remarks about the Influence Survey. Two things in particular – firstly, the survey is not a tool to measure how good your nation is. Knowledge about your nation, as well as your diplomatic skills, determine your position on most people’s lists, and opinions are counted quantitatively. Secondly, on a more humorous note, twenty-first place means your nation was ranked ten places behind a nation that had yet to become independent.

    Posted by King Quentin I of Wyvern | January 10, 2012, 2:11 am
    • Yes my writing needs improvement. Now I never claimed that Burkland was good because of our position on the influence survey. I said that how is the IMTO insignificant if some of the most powerful members got on the final Influence Survey list. I also countered a possible counter-claim that says new nations did most of the voting by saying this would show there are more younger nations and that they are gaining more influence.

      As for the last claim, Tiana is basically independent in practice. It will just be made official in 5 days.

      Posted by matthewofburkland | January 10, 2012, 10:25 pm

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