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President Burklandssen changes the status of territory

Since Sir Burklandssen has been criticized for not having control over the main claim of Burkland, the Antarctic Island of Paulet. The claim is reduced to an Antarctic claim not the mainland. Our president defended keeping the Antarctic claim by saying “macronational claims over Antarctica are not really inforced, have you seen any real control over their claims but over the ability to travel there?”

The new mainland is the Legatian-Burklandi embassy and, possibly, the grassy area near the apartment building which Legatia is. The Southern Martian claim shall be either dropped completely or barely survive in a small Burklandi dialect which won’t be important to the Burkophone world.

North Paulet Island may be the capital of the Burklandi Antarctic Territory but Mattistan is going to be our new territory until we reinforce our grassy area claim and give it a professional name among other things.


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