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Burklandi News 1/16/2012

First I would like to start, I am no stranger to micronational ideological imperialism. Regretfully, I did it during the reign of the Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic. Because of it, Natlandism ended. I might still support it today. However, we can talk about it at another time.

I and my nation have also been the victim of ideological imperialism, the Glisean Empire waged “war” on us for being communist and having Martian and Antarctic claims. Also, during the Zealandian elections I was attacked along with the great Zealandian socialist government as, these are not exact, Anthony’s servant, bureaucrat and even some attacks on me as a person.

Now a ticking time bomb has just burst, which was actually delayed for a while seeing how it start in late November with people hotting debating over the Zealandian election that was coming up. It was to be an internal matter until imperialists that had nothing to do with Zealandia decided to defend the NPP and call Zealandia a dictatorship. This stopped any progress from being made.

Of course, even that wouldn’t start an ideological conflict all by itself. On top, Comrade Jonathan was attacked when he created Theodorism, which Daniel Anderson of Sirocco disagreed with (here is his article if you want to read it). Since Zealandia attacked this ridiculous article, the St.Charlian Observer decided to make an article saying why Zealandia was ridiculous. With many facilities I may add.

Before I get to this ridiculousness, I would like to quote Crown Prince Jonathan, “It’s articles like these which enflame such debates even more.” The article was the reason we decided to make this article, because socialism was under attack and we can’t sit by as we are a socialist nation. He also said “[C]apitalism adovocates profit, profit, and profit, with alleviating poverty a secondary concern.” That can debunk most of the article.

Sôgmô William Sörgel wrote an article explaining both the conflict and capitalism itself. It was great and I couldn’t have made a better article myself (we were publishing this to explain Burkland’s view by the way). What I want to focus on is his sentence saying:

Socialist politics and policies have meant the demise of the rich, yes, but it has meant the support of the poor and, therefore, the majority of all peoples.

Now see the capitalist say on the matter (The St.Charlian Observer):

Class is not listed in the official UN definition [of genocide] because the USSR vetoed its inclusion (no prizes for guessing why).

Guess what, in addition to being supported by the people, they have a reason! Capitalism is like feudalism but economic not political. Capitalism has done nothing to help poor people, in socialism one of the most important government jobs is to have equality and prosperity as opposed to serving an elite that doesn’t do much to really earn their status. Without an elite, there is no capitalism.

Now we should go back to the conflict itself. We think that capitalists should not push their ideology on us. We respect you if you respect us.

In unrelated news, Matthew Burklandssen expressed fears that Burklandi territory will be attacked as tensions in his family increase.


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3 thoughts on “Burklandi News 1/16/2012

  1. Just replying as a typical cappie would (I don’t believe in this statement fully):

    What makes you think that the poor NEED help? After all, they could stop relying on welfare and (possibly) resorting to crime to maintain their needs/wants, and just get a job! If they want to live, they have to work to do so. Capitalism works best when the (working) middle class is at its largest – lots of demand.

    You should also know that we capitalists do not enjoy revolutions shoved down our throat either!

    Posted by HIM Tsar Kuri I | January 17, 2012, 12:54 am
    • Now I acknoweldge that this is just a possible statement of a capitalist might make. Still, I wish to debunk it.

      What makes me think the poor NEEDS help? Possibly because they can’t survive or they can barely survive. Now, getting a job isn’t easy. If you haven’t the money to go to college and have never had a job before, like some really poor do, how could you get a well-paying job? Same question applies for the orphans in proverty (and even if they could get a well paying job it would be way harder for a child to rent a 1-room apartment).

      Revolution is at its best when people want it.

      Posted by matthewofburkland | January 17, 2012, 4:36 am
      • If one is struggling for survival, any even minimum-wage job is a good one – the poor should be able to settle for anything at first and work their way up with their own efforts. Orphans are a different matter, as they are below the eligible working age, and so must live in an Orphanage until they are old enough to work.

        People may want revolution, but most can do much better without it.

        Posted by HIM Tsar Kuri I | January 17, 2012, 9:12 pm

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