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Burklandi News 1/24/2012

President admits electoral failures
It is no secret that both the Burklandi presidential election in 2011 had its results ignored. This was because of the immaturity of the voters (who weren’t even Burklandi), most of which voted The Right Honourable Mom of the Social Democratic Party (which today has been given another electoral name, the Democratic Socialist Party, to appease democratic socialist voters) because of Mom jokes. The congressional elections in Burkland in late 2011 failed as we don’t get enough people to vote. That means that the majority was not represented.

“It is sad,” said Matthew Burklandssen, “people voted but their vote was thrown away.” He also self-criticized himself and said laziness on his part was a reason. He said that an electoral plan is needed for the next election, which will most likely be a vote on the upcoming new Burklandi constitution.

Burklandi government discusses national park
The Burklandi government is looking into creating a national park (map). Matthew Burklandssen proposed the name “New Herway-Anthylls” in honour of the Herway Department which was entirely made up of Anthylls National Park. One problem with this is that is it is unknown if it is private or public property. Matthew said with regards to the matter, “It is around 977.3328m² of land fenced in, it doesn’t seem to be used for much besides kids playing in it, which nobody has complained about which would likely happen if it was public property.” Still, in order to be sure an investigation is taking place.

If it is private property, the Burklandi government hopes to get permission and in both cases promises to let other, non-Burklandis, enter the park free and to do anything they want if it is peaceful.


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2 thoughts on “Burklandi News 1/24/2012

  1. Or, maybe they were voting for TRH Mom because they like her or her party than they do you? If the majority voted for somebody, why censor their opinion?

    Posted by gishabrun | January 25, 2012, 3:01 pm

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