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Burkland annexs Legatia

Legatia, a nation which claimed most of the President’s residency and was called the “sister state” of Burkland, has been annexed by the Burklandi nation in hopes to mutually increase each other’s activity. Seeing how, since declaring independence in Christmas of 2011, it has been inactive but was used as a de facto headquarters of … Continue reading

St.Charlie attacks Burkland

Branson, St.Charlie — The St.Charlian Prime Minister, Mr. Alexander Reinhardt, attacked the Burklandi president Matthew Burklandssen for his article about the Minecraft territory claimed by Burkland. The president was not aware as he could not see the MicroGroup where it was posted, and therefore he only learned by being told about it. Here is the … Continue reading

Burklandi News 2/11/2012

2013 elections announced The Burklandi government has never conducted a successful election in its history. This being said, the Burklandi government wishes to start a successful one. Their new method is to have around a year to prepare for elections. Two confirmed candidates are Jordon Buschman (Social Democrat) and the incumbent Matthew Burklandssen (Communist). A … Continue reading

Zealandia’s future is uncertain

As confirmed by the Zealandian Times, the Zealandian Gazette and a brief private chat with Håkon Markssen himself, there is a republican movement against the monarchy. Seeing how we currently share the House of Markssen in our monarchies, this will likely affect the Burklandi nation. Even though the monarch has no real powers in Burkland … Continue reading