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Zealandia’s future is uncertain

As confirmed by the Zealandian Times, the Zealandian Gazette and a brief private chat with Håkon Markssen himself, there is a republican movement against the monarchy. Seeing how we currently share the House of Markssen in our monarchies, this will likely affect the Burklandi nation. Even though the monarch has no real powers in Burkland for simply being monarch (unlike Queen Elizabeth he doesn’t live in a palace and can’t dissolve parliament), this is making Burklandis wonder about their future. However, the President sends his wishes for a peaceful solution and a discussion with the president (the current acting president is Mark Bobssen) and the king (Håkon I) to address the future of Burkland, Faryar (although they plan to merge with Tiana, which would likely remove the monarchy) and Sandford.


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2 thoughts on “Zealandia’s future is uncertain

  1. Burkland stay independent! We would be helping you soon with almost everything required. We also need a strong independent Burkland for our help and good future.

    Vive la independent Burkland!

    Posted by vedicnews | February 6, 2012, 4:21 pm

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