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Burklandi News 2/11/2012

2013 elections announced
The Burklandi government has never conducted a successful election in its history. This being said, the Burklandi government wishes to start a successful one. Their new method is to have around a year to prepare for elections. Two confirmed candidates are Jordon Buschman (Social Democrat) and the incumbent Matthew Burklandssen (Communist). A successful election has been on Burklandssen’s reform plan but this was shadowed by the overall activity reform.

Current constitution ruled invalid
Seeing how the constitution said that the people where the masters, a constitution written by the President himself seems like a contradiction, the President called it invalid. He said that this move exceeded his powers but had to be done in order to decrease his absolute power in the nation. This doesn’t come as a shock as the constitution had mostly been ignored already. Thus nobody had any strong reactions to it. A new constitution is in the works, which plans to take in the opinions of the people and be subject to a vote.

Burklandi and Zealandian king coronated
The word king has been changed in Burkland to mean an honorary symbol of a nation, although this only applies to Zealandia and Burkland. The feudal monarchy idea is rejected in Burkland and Zealandia. However, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have fancy ceremonies as long as it doesn’t take money from the people.

The king of Burkland and Zealandia decided to have one of those ceremonies and he was, although late, coronated to the title of King of Zealandia (and therefore King of Burkland) in the capital of Zealandia, the Denton City-Province. The Burklandi president gaves congratulations to this honorary move in a private Skype chat.

“King Hakon Finnaly Coronated” – The Zealandian Gazette


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