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Burkland annexs Legatia

Legatia, a nation which claimed most of the President’s residency and was called the “sister state” of Burkland, has been annexed by the Burklandi nation in hopes to mutually increase each other’s activity. Seeing how, since declaring independence in Christmas of 2011, it has been inactive but was used as a de facto headquarters of Burkland, many thought it would be best to give the territory to Burkland. The former Legatian-Burklandi Embassy has become the Outer Legatian People’s Province and the territorial claims of Burkland are, according to the apartment complex’s maps, about 1000 square feet or about 304.8 square meters.

This isn’t expected to change much as, expect for Outer Legatia, the parents as still the rulers of Legatia and Legatia is highly autonomous according to the Treaty of Legatia. Although this does hope to increase both nations’ internal activity.

NOTE: The math was wrong, the Greater Legatia area is 92.903m²


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