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A call for civility and reason

As we all know by know, Lethler is back, and everyone has been debating over whether he would be a good leader or if we should just ignore him. Everyone has gotten worked up over this, heck look at the newsfeed (at the time of writing), all about Lethler expect for a post by the … Continue reading

Celebration of Sovereignty starts

Burklandi people, the day which we started our country one year ago is coming. April 3, on that day, celebrate our history, our culture and our people’s national sovereignty! Burkland is one of the most unique countries in the world, be proud of that! – Matthew Burklandssen

Burklandi News 3/3/2012

Kozuc says Skendal truely needs liberation The Kozuc government released an article saying that the Skendalian leader, Everett Millet, purposely made the government of Skendal inactive so he could get away with being the de facto absolute ruler of Skendal. Riley later made forum post asking for public opinion on the issue, only two responsed, … Continue reading