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Burklandi News 3/3/2012

Kozuc says Skendal truely needs liberation

Flag of Kozuc

Flag of Kozuc

The Kozuc government released an article saying that the Skendalian leader, Everett Millet, purposely made the government of Skendal inactive so he could get away with being the de facto absolute ruler of Skendal. Riley later made forum post asking for public opinion on the issue, only two responsed, Samuel I of the Saxon Empire and Joseph Puglisi of Tiana. The Burklandi government, although in alliance with Kozuc, has yet to make an official position on the issue.

Burkland attempts to expand Micras territory
The Burklandi government applied to expand their Micras territory by adding a proposed claim in Apollonia. This is because of the need to access water from a source below the polar region. The request was put forward on the Hub of Micronations Forum, where the MCS operate. So far nobody has voted on the application although the leader of Craitland did comment on the map of the claim.

Burkland annexes Glencoe

Glencoe map

Glencoe map

The Burklandi president bought a square foot land in Scotland though Highland Titles on February 22, 2012, where Glencrannog (Austenasia) was bought. He got the documents on February 29, 2012 and made it Burklandi territory. Glencoe is 56°37’39.33″N 5°18’33.77″W. The place is classified a region of Burkland.


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