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A call for civility and reason

As we all know by know, Lethler is back, and everyone has been debating over whether he would be a good leader or if we should just ignore him. Everyone has gotten worked up over this, heck look at the newsfeed (at the time of writing), all about Lethler expect for a post by the Lostislandic article about the death of the King of Tonga (may he rest in peace) and an article from Firdanor, which mentioned his return.

A1’s James Wilary said in response to “Why should we care?” that a trainwreck is going to happen and that watching it happen is against their character. I would like to comment and say that if a trainwreck in the community it will happen because everyone is overreacting. Lethler won’t get into power, he won’t be a threat. Those who want to follow him will, but he won’t force people, he couldn’t. He would never become admin. Remember Yablokogate? It was the community that started the diaster, not Lethler.

During that time I learned that putting red flags for stuff that we could have easily avoided if we didn’t overreact is a bad idea. Now some make a point saying that Lethler was a dictator when in power, which is irrelevant seeing how isn’t seeming to be in the MicroWiki community as much. If he starts to, then I really doubt that it will start his reign again.

So, what will happen when Lethler goes back to being an active member of the community, on Lethler’s part. Probably not much outside the GUM. Also, while I do have my problems with the GUM, I was never forced to stay there and neither was anybody else. So A1, Montosh etc. this won’t effect you!

Now, I have been saying this a lot, but just ignore his comeback, or else the community will just be worked up over nothing. Please, do we want another Yablokogate? I think that our community shouldn’t get worked up over a minor thing that might get out of control even if we ignore the event.


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One thought on “A call for civility and reason

  1. Thank You for this, it was desperately needed.

    Posted by Hamlinian News Network Staff | March 19, 2012, 12:06 am

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