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Burkland seperates into two autonomous socialistic republics

Today, Burkland has been separated! But don’t worry, it is still one sovereign independent nation-state! All land north of the equator is the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Northern Burkland and all land south of the equator is the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Southern Burkland. These republics have great autonomy, however the Federal Territories don’t. These … Continue reading

Burkland protests US occupation

Burkland, although a sovereign state, is occupied by the United States, like Palestine and Israel expect the United States doesn’t, currently, oppress the Burklandi people much. The Burklandi people hasn’t protest yet but they are planning to. This is a goal to gain recognization of our sovereignty by the majority of the world.

What to expect this sovereignty celebration

Okay, we have a sovereignty celebration coming up, now I wish to state what will likely happen during it. First, the day will start, and Burklandis will celebrate the state of a young sovereign state, a sovereign communist state of the people, and first thing on the agenda is the president announcing that a passport … Continue reading