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What to expect this sovereignty celebration

Okay, we have a sovereignty celebration coming up, now I wish to state what will likely happen during it. First, the day will start, and Burklandis will celebrate the state of a young sovereign state, a sovereign communist state of the people, and first thing on the agenda is the president announcing that a passport has been made official, with the front cover, inside and back cover finished. This passport will be historical as it gives recognization to transgenders as a gender in itself if one chooses to consider themselves as such. Transgender covers a lot of genders that aren’t in the male/female gender roles. None refers to those with no gender and don’t wish call themselves transgender. So does other, which is for non-male/non-females who reject being called transgender.

Also there will be cake, maybe, and pop too. Also songs will be there too! 🙂 So it will be fun.


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4 thoughts on “What to expect this sovereignty celebration

  1. How are you going to turn Burkland into a sovereign state?

    Posted by dancarblog | April 27, 2012, 8:16 pm

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