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President plans to create memorial to victims of imperialism

Burkland City, Northern Burkland, Burkland — The President of Burkland has stated his intention to create a monument to “remember the victims of aggression by the United States” and also to change Memorial Day into a day of remembrance for victims of the United States Army. The memorial will be in Marx Square National Park … Continue reading

A short speech from the Burklandi President

I would like to apologize for trying to get the community into my troubles first of all, and it wasn’t helping our state to say such comments and make it into a community problem. Now, our state needs a new direction, that is professional. I hope to bring that era by starting with our chats … Continue reading

On attacks against the Burklandi president

Greetings readers, Many of you who have been in the Yellow Bear Micronational and/or MicroPub are aware of a wave of vicious attacks on the Burklandi president and the Burklandi country. These come from people like Mr. Mello and Mr. Whitmarsh. These attacks are unacceptable. Now for those who are not aware, many have been … Continue reading