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A short speech from the Burklandi President

I would like to apologize for trying to get the community into my troubles first of all, and it wasn’t helping our state to say such comments and make it into a community problem. Now, our state needs a new direction, that is professional. I hope to bring that era by starting with our chats on MicroPub, we won’t rage out when somebody, rightfully or wrongfully criticizes me or this state. It won’t help our state to just state responses to such criticisms in public, as not only does it tarnish the reputation of this state but of the general MicroWiki community. Seeing this, I plan to make friends with people who have been my rival if it is possible. However, we will not bend our values to mention a professional image and we ignore those who try to bend our values unless they are a citizen of this state, as Burkland has a right to self-determination and we will not have our state run by those who aren’t citizens of Burkland. This part of our values will stay the same.


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Finally, a WordPress account for the Online Burklandi and other stuff I might want to do!


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