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President plans to create memorial to victims of imperialism

Burkland City, Northern Burkland, Burkland — The President of Burkland has stated his intention to create a monument to “remember the victims of aggression by the United States” and also to change Memorial Day into a day of remembrance for victims of the United States Army. The memorial will be in Marx Square National Park which makes up most of the Central Sublocality of Burkland City. It is expected to be made up of red clay, to symbolize the deaths of those who died because of United States aggression. It shall have a flag which is made of the flags of invaded countries on top of the mountain. Every Memorial Day, the flag will be lowered at half-staff in the honour of the victims.

The name of monument shall be decided by a vote by the Supreme People’s Soviet of Northern Burkland at a time between May 31 and June 21. The only reaction this newspaper got was by Burklandi pro-peace activist and Flatlandian leader Brayden Yates stating “I support the memorial for victims of US agression [sic].”


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