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This time, it is undoubtably imperialist, New Erusia

Now, you may say I was wrong for calling the article by Mr. Reinhardt as imperialistic. But this time, St.Charlie has actually done some real undoubtful imperialism. Now, this isn’t unsurprising for the micronational version of the United States. Now, first, his imperialism can be shown at the end of his article, saying that the … Continue reading

In response to St.Charlie’s imperalism

Comrades, the imperialist state of St.Charlie is at it again, with his comments about the Syolian Union. With the victory of the Democratic Alliance for Freedom under His Majesty Ciprian of Juclandia, he has decided that any sort of condemnation of the victory is imperialist. However, he doesn’t see the irony because he also gets … Continue reading

Burkland becomes canton of Zealandia

As of today, June 2, 2012, Burkland has become a Zealandian canton. Which means the federal government will provide for defence. The Burklandi state will still maintain high decrees of autonomy. The reason the president gave was that Burkland is a group of territories liberated socialism, as is Zealandia. “It would make much sense to … Continue reading