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On attacks against the Burklandi president

Greetings readers, Many of you who have been in the Yellow Bear Micronational and/or MicroPub are aware of a wave of vicious attacks on the Burklandi president and the Burklandi country. These come from people like Mr. Mello and Mr. Whitmarsh. These attacks are unacceptable. Now for those who are not aware, many have been … Continue reading

Burklandi News 3/3/2012

Kozuc says Skendal truely needs liberation The Kozuc government released an article saying that the Skendalian leader, Everett Millet, purposely made the government of Skendal inactive so he could get away with being the de facto absolute ruler of Skendal. Riley later made forum post asking for public opinion on the issue, only two responsed, … Continue reading

Burklandi News 1/16/2012

First I would like to start, I am no stranger to micronational ideological imperialism. Regretfully, I did it during the reign of the Natlandist State of the ComradeMr Republic. Because of it, Natlandism ended. I might still support it today. However, we can talk about it at another time. I and my nation have also … Continue reading