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This time, it is undoubtably imperialist, New Erusia

Now, you may say I was wrong for calling the article by Mr. Reinhardt as imperialistic. But this time, St.Charlie has actually done some real undoubtful imperialism. Now, this isn’t unsurprising for the micronational version of the United States. Now, first, his imperialism can be shown at the end of his article, saying that the … Continue reading

In response to St.Charlie’s imperalism

Comrades, the imperialist state of St.Charlie is at it again, with his comments about the Syolian Union. With the victory of the Democratic Alliance for Freedom under His Majesty Ciprian of Juclandia, he has decided that any sort of condemnation of the victory is imperialist. However, he doesn’t see the irony because he also gets … Continue reading

President plans to create memorial to victims of imperialism

Burkland City, Northern Burkland, Burkland — The President of Burkland has stated his intention to create a monument to “remember the victims of aggression by the United States” and also to change Memorial Day into a day of remembrance for victims of the United States Army. The memorial will be in Marx Square National Park … Continue reading

A short speech from the Burklandi President

I would like to apologize for trying to get the community into my troubles first of all, and it wasn’t helping our state to say such comments and make it into a community problem. Now, our state needs a new direction, that is professional. I hope to bring that era by starting with our chats … Continue reading

Burkland seperates into two autonomous socialistic republics

Today, Burkland has been separated! But don’t worry, it is still one sovereign independent nation-state! All land north of the equator is the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Northern Burkland and all land south of the equator is the Autonomous Socialist Republic of Southern Burkland. These republics have great autonomy, however the Federal Territories don’t. These … Continue reading

Burkland protests US occupation

Burkland, although a sovereign state, is occupied by the United States, like Palestine and Israel expect the United States doesn’t, currently, oppress the Burklandi people much. The Burklandi people hasn’t protest yet but they are planning to. This is a goal to gain recognization of our sovereignty by the majority of the world.

What to expect this sovereignty celebration

Okay, we have a sovereignty celebration coming up, now I wish to state what will likely happen during it. First, the day will start, and Burklandis will celebrate the state of a young sovereign state, a sovereign communist state of the people, and first thing on the agenda is the president announcing that a passport … Continue reading

A call for civility and reason

As we all know by know, Lethler is back, and everyone has been debating over whether he would be a good leader or if we should just ignore him. Everyone has gotten worked up over this, heck look at the newsfeed (at the time of writing), all about Lethler expect for a post by the … Continue reading

Celebration of Sovereignty starts

Burklandi people, the day which we started our country one year ago is coming. April 3, on that day, celebrate our history, our culture and our people’s national sovereignty! Burkland is one of the most unique countries in the world, be proud of that! – Matthew Burklandssen

Burkland annexs Legatia

Legatia, a nation which claimed most of the President’s residency and was called the “sister state” of Burkland, has been annexed by the Burklandi nation in hopes to mutually increase each other’s activity. Seeing how, since declaring independence in Christmas of 2011, it has been inactive but was used as a de facto headquarters of … Continue reading